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Owned & Operated by Thomas Tuckwiller & Family Since 1973
Clintonville, West Virgina 
Locally grown, healthy,vigorous plants at reasonable prices! 
Welcome back to all of our dedicated customers! The greenhouse season is in full swing once again and, in addition to those tried-and-true items that we include for you in our selection each year, we are excited to share a variety of brand new items to highlight our 2018 growing season. 




 Hours of Daily Operation:

Monday - Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm


Directions to our Facility:

From the East, Heading West on US Route 60:

On Interstate 64: Take Alta Exit and turn right.  Go approximately 3 miles and your Jeff's Greenhouse destination will be on your left.

(you will pass the Clintonville Volunteer Fire Department on your left on the way)


From the West, Heading East on US Route 60:

On Interstate 64: Take Sam Black Exit and turn right. Go approximately 2.5 miles and your Jeff's Greenhouse destination will be on your right.

 (you will pass the Wallace Memorial Cemetary on your left on the way)





*We invite you to visit our website frequently!
  • Please keep in mind that our plant selection changes daily. As the selling season progresses, we cannot guarantee availability. Please check for list updates!
  • Be sure to check back as our store hours will vary as the growing season advances. We will update our hours of operation if this occurs.
*We cannot accept credit or debit cards. Personal checks and cash welcome. 


Please be careful and respectful of our facility and the other patrons!

Attention: Uneven walking surfaces, wet slippery areas, and benches with low pointed edges are not uncommon in a facility such as ours. That is why, for you and your children's safety, we advise you use caution and we urge you be attentive to your surroundings. Please do not allow your children to run around the facility or to touch plants or any other items in the greenhouse that could lead to damage of those items, injury to yourself, or injury to others. Thank you!

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